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Charles Dick
Michael Dawson
Charles Dick started building guitars while attending the University of Waterloo in Ontario in 1975. After graduating he moved to Edmonton, Alberta where he worked for Canadian luthier Frank Gay, repairing instruments and building both steel string and classical guitars. It was while working for Frank that he developed his philosophy of building light responsive instruments. He has continued to build throughout the years, working on guitars, violins and recently, mandolins. Michael Dawson, an exceptional clawhammer banjo player started building instruments in 1992. Shortly thereafter he met a Fort Wayne luthier, John Miller and absorbed John's innovative and eclectic building techniques. In 1992 he attended the Galloup School of Lutherie and has built banjos, resonator guitars and steel string guitars. As a performer he has played regularly at the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne and at various venues in North East Indiana.
Charles Dick
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Michael Dawson
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